Model Number Official Name Development Plan Development cost
MS-05B Zaku I Black TriStar Custom
Basic Technology MS Technology MA Technology Hostile Technology Pre-requisite Special conditions
Zaku I piloted by and customized by Gaia, Ortega, or Mash

Development Time(in turns) Production Time(in turns)
Funds Resources
Funds(per machine) Resources(per machine)
Movement 6 Scanning Ability C
Ammo Used(per machine) 10 Hanger Size --
Number per unit 1 Can conquer Yes
Limit 100 Has Weapons Yes
Armor(per machine) 62 Ammo 80
Mobility 23 Has Shield No
Can stack Yes

Weapon Name Damage Accuracy Range
Zaku Bazooka 36 50 1-1
Heat Hawk 36 70 0-0
Tackle 30 85 0-0

Land Sky Water Snow Forest Mountain Sand Space
Attack O O X O
Move O X X O

Can Be Remodeled Into:

Downgrade:Zaku I